5/26/16 Scrap Price Report: Meet Copper Prices, Jumping Jack

Hey iScrappers!!! Wow the last week has been CRAZY!!!! Copper is acting like a jumping bean, steel has decreased slightly….and it looks like a lot of the summer weather is finally coming. FERROUS MARKET REPORT In the last week we have seen steel prices go down from $5-10 per ton and it seems that there […]

Building The World In Scrap: Shanghai 1989 vs. 2010

A lot of people ask us about where all of the scrap metal in the US and Canada goes to after you drop it off to your scrap yard…and that answer can vary depending on the material and the location. Where Does Your Scrap Metal Go? But overwhelmingly since the mid 1990’s a lot of […]

Types of Stainless Steel & Where To Find Them

So we have talked to many people about their scrapping habits…and it always seems that they want to learn, learn, learn more about where to find different types of scrap metals. Well……WE DO TOO! One of the harder metals to really figure out is stainless steel. There are so many grades of stainless that it […]

5/19/16 Scrap Price Update: Copper Prices Hit Hard

Hey iScrappers! Well in the last week we have seen a lot of movement in copper, unfortunately it has been downward. We saw the demand dipping very dramatically and the markets have been very down on the red metal. Spotlight: Copper Prices Hit Hard The red metal (our favorite!) has been hit hard this month with […]

5/12/16 Scrap Price Update: Is The Election Helping Steel Prices?

Hey iScrappers!!! With the Spring time up and running we have been talking to a lot of people who have seen the steel prices really jumping up over the last few weeks! This is great news to hear but even better news to see those dollars rolling into your pockets a little more. Can Election […]

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4 Money-Making Items From Medical Equipment

So you have probably been to a hospital before, you have seen the tables, the chairs, the weird machines that they use, but have you ever thought of what could get scrapped in the medical world?! Most Common Metal: Stainless Steel Let’s start with something easy, stainless steel. Stainless steel is the most common metal […]

5/4/16 Scrap Price Update: Steel Continues To Climb

Hey iScrappers! Across the last week we have seen all types of things going on with the markets and the oil prices have been leading the cause for so many prices flopping all over the place. The energy market has affected the overall commodities market and we have seen copper prices fall about 6-9 cents […]