4/27/16 Scrap Price Update: Oil Rises, Steel Prices Jump, Copper Follows

Hey iScrappers! In the last week we have seen a lot of people posting prices and those prices have been going UP! It looks like across the country that the prices have been rising and the overall attitude on the market has been positive. Steel Prices Are Optimistic In the last few days we have seen […]

Is Scrapping A Car Worth It When Prices Are Down?

Recently we were talking to a few scrappers through private messages on our Facebook page about scrapping cars. The question was asked, “Are cars worth scrapping when the prices are so cheap?” Well…I guess there are a lot of answers to that question so let’s go over them. What About When Prices Are High? When […]

Metal Monday: Scrapping Dirty Stainless Steel

Dirty stainless steel. You find it, you see it, you sell it. Pretty simple right? You probably see some of the small amount of contaminants on it and think to yourself that there won’t be a big discount for small amounts of material, but you never know. How Do You Scrap Dirty Stainless Steel? Then […]

4/20/16 Scrap Price Update: Steel Is Going Up

Hey iScrappers!!! What a great week it has been in the Northeast, hope you are having some great luck finding scrap and are staying busy. We have all positive news, nothing Earth shattering…but that is not a bad thing. Copper Prices See A Climb This Week Copper prices in the last few days have seen […]

4/13/16 Scrap Metal Update: Copper On A Coaster

Hey iScrappers!!! We hope that the last week has treated you well and you are getting ready for those Spring cleanups that come around this time of the year. We have been seeing so many prices posted since our last update that we have been really excited for all of you scrappers with the higher […]

Metal Monday Tip: Quickest Way For Scrap Money

What is the quickest way to make money with scrap metal? We were asked that question recently and it is a difficult one to actually answer. We always like to see people making the most money with their scrap metal instead of the quickest way to make money, but we also know that time = […]

4/8/16 Scrap Price Update: Copper Drops, But Good Outlooks

April 2016 scrap copper prices

Hey Scrappers! We hope that over the last few weeks you have really gotten a chance to check out so many of the reported prices that other scrappers have been listing online as well as listing many yourself. Recent Copper Scrap Prices In the last week we have had some bad news in the copper markets […]

Scrap Metal Monday: Do You Know or THINK You Know?

Knowing what you have…and saying what you have are two different things. It is not easy to always know what type of material you have, and without knowing the proper terminology it will be difficult to sell it for the right price at your local scrap yard. What Is The Lingo? If you go to […]