3/30/16 Scrap Price Update: Steel Jumping, Copper Dropping

steel prices are going up in scrap

Hey iScrappers! Wow we cant believe that March and the first week of April is already here! Where did the last three months go?!?! Great news in the steel world, we have been following scrappers online that have been posting their steel prices and the news has been very positive and we will go into […]

3/23/16 Scrap Price Update: Steel Going Up?

iScrappers, iScrappers, iScrappers….What’s Up?!?!! From copper to steel and even to stainless there are things moving all over the place! We have so many things going on that we are not sure there is enough time to touch on all of it but let’s sure try. Copper Scrap Metal Prices: Better News Than Previous Months […]

OtterBox #DefenderSeries: Best Way To Protect Your Phone

The iScrap App Team has some exciting news. We’ve partnered up with OtterBox to bring our iScrappers some great products to protect their phones while scrapping and beating up your smartphones. The Defender Series is their toughest way to protect your smartphone from dust, dirt, drops, and anything your hectic life throws at it, literally. […]

3/16/16 Scrap Price Update: Steel Sees Small Jump

Good Morning Scrappers! With another new week here we are happy to see so many prices posted from across the US and Canada. The price of the week that we say came out of Orange City, Florida and was for Brass at $1.20, thanks to Robert B. for posting it! Steel Prices Have Seen Small […]

Big Mac Meets Molten Copper (VIDEO)

melted copper poured on hamburger

Man Pours Liquid Copper on Big Mac Hamburger A YouTuber, Tito4re, recently wanted to conduct an experiment to see what would happen when he poured molten copper on a McDonald’s Big Mac Hamburger Sandwich. He takes a bit of copper wire and scrap and begins to melt it in his own foundry. Copper’s melting point […]

Finding The Best Scrap Yard

Find a scrap yard that suits all of your needs

There are several factors that can play into you choosing the best scrap or salvage yard to bring your scrap metal to. While some are more important than others, there are different things to consider when finding a scrap yard in your area and traveling there to sell your scrap. One of the most obvious […]

Metal Monday: Finding The Best Scrap Metal Tips

Tips on Scrapping?!?! Well…finding tips on scrapping online has become a very easy thing…but finding GOOD and worthwhile tips is not as easy. A lot of people have asked us what makes us qualified for giving so many tips and that is a great question to go over. Where To Find The Best Scrap Metal […]

3/9/16 Scrap Price Update: Copper Jumps Again

Hey iScrappers! Copper Sees Another Jump In Prices Wow what a week it has been. The markets had such a nice jump last week we were hoping that they were going to be able to sustain…but we just didn’t know if they could. Well, here we are about a full week later and THEY HAVE! […]

Best Places Where To Find Scrap Prices

Importance of scrap price tracking

How to figure out when to sell scrap is tough? Do you do it when the prices jump real fast? Do you wait and then shop around? Knowing what the market is doing is half of the battle and talking to your local scrap yards will make it so you can figure out when the […]

3/2/16 Scrap Price Update: Copper Prices Have Held

Copper ready to weigh

Good Day iScrappers!!! We hope that you are all doing well, especially because we have been seeing the reported prices of copper increasing throughout the US and Canada recently. With copper prices jumping that will bode well for your pocket and hopefully for more things to come. Copper Prices Are Up In the last week […]