Metal Monday: Laptop Screens & Other Parts

Laptops are one of the great items that you can look for for scrapping. While most scrap yards do not accept monitors, many yards that take electronics will take the laptop screens as long as they are attached to the laptops themselves. Scrapping Laptop Screens & Other Computer Parts The laptop screens are not CRTs […]

2/24/16 Scrap Price Update: Most Recent Reported Scrap Prices

Current scrap metal prices

Hey Scrappers! It has been a crazy week since we spoke last, so let’s get things up and running. The copper market has been in the same range for the last few months and we have been seeing the prices of copper jump all over the place. Even though the price have changed, (up slightly […]

Why Are Scrap Steel Prices Down?

what to do about low steel scrap prices

The Rough Road Of Steel Scrap Prices So…it’s been a while since you loaded your truck, trailer, or car with scrap steel and you drive down to the scrap yard. You know that this load that you have is heavy because there was a lot of small nails, screws, and tiny parts that you really […]

Metal Monday: Recycling Paper Is Valuable?

recycling paper for scrap money

Paper is one of the weirdest items to think about scrapping…but believe it or not it has significant value. Paper is a great material to be able to sell…IF you can find the right place to sell it to. Not many normal scrap yards will buy paper (many different kinds of paper, ranging from cardboard […]

How Do I Start Scrapping Metal?

how do I get approved to recycle scrap metal

Have you ever wondered how to start scrapping metal and recycling other materials with your local scrap yard? The iScrap App team has some tips and things to keep in mind when you are thinking of taking on a new job with scrapping metals. How To Be A Successful Scrapper A lot of people have […]

2/18/16 Scrap Price Update: We Are Waiting & Seeing

Hey iScrappers! Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day!!! We hope that you are in love with the prices of copper rising the last few days like we are! With negative temperatures across the Northeast last weekend we hope that your cars/trucks and homes got through it with little to no problems. Stable Prices…For Now? Copper has stabilized […]

How to Negotiate Scrap Prices

Get better scrap prices

Trying to get the most money for scrap is like looking for the cheapest gas prices…you search around and sometimes you can find someone to work with that fits both of your needs really well. At the end of the day it all boils down to relationships and doing what is best for you. The […]

2/11/16 Scrap Price Update: Low Oil Prices, Like 1940’s

scrap metal CPU chips

Hey iScrappers! Current Scrap Prices In February 2016 We hope that you have had an excellent week and you are on the road finding and pulling out material to sell to your scrap yards soon! Make sure you continue to check and to post prices on the so you can see what other scrappers […]

Metal Monday: Stainless Steel Scrap

Stainless steel is great to sell….but very hard to identify the different grades of stainless. Stainless steel has many grades but like all metals, some are worth more then others. It will be tough to tell, but assume that most of the time the stainless that you will have is called 303/304 stainless steel. This […]

2/4/16 Scrap Price Update: Copper Up Last Week

2/4/16 scrap metal prices

Wondering What Are Current Scrap Prices? The iScrap App team posts a weekly update every week to keep scrappers and those in the scrap industry updated on the current scrap prices, where the metal markets are going, and what we are predicting to expect the next few weeks. Stay tuned for our updated every week […]

Metal Monday: Cleaning Up Dirty Aluminum Scrap

dirty aluminum scrap metal and engine blocks

A great topic to go over is dirty aluminum. When scrap yards take material in they look at how clean it is and how difficult it will be to sell that item that they are buying. When something like an aluminum engine block comes in scrap, it might be an easy thing to look at […]