2015 Ford F-150 Funded With Scrap Metal

ford f-150 recycled aluminumWe all want to combat high gas prices but the small hybrids are not exactly a good scrapping or construction vehicle for most people. Enter the pick up truck. It has been dominating the scrapping industry and other labor intensive jobs for decades.

Some of the most popular brand and models are Dodge Ram, Chevy Silverado, and Toyota Tacoma, but one that stands against the rest and is a common truck of scrappers is the Ford F-150. And heading into the 2015 year, it has another reason why it should be seen as one of the favorites on the market.

Recognizing the issues with environment protection and lowering the cost of gas bills, Ford Manufacturers realized the problem their trucks continued to contribute to. So to alleviate some of the issues with fuel efficiency, Ford has committed to reducing the weight of their trucks like the F-150 by constructing the body panels with aluminum instead of steel.

While the cost of aluminum is higher than steel they have a few great ways to counteract the higher costs and environmental impact by using more aluminum. The scrap aluminum leftover from each new model equals about $300 in scrap value and is returned to the aluminum processor to be recycled. Ford collects thousands of pounds of aluminum each day that is returned to the plant.

2015 Ford F-150Also because aluminum is 95% recyclable, this relates to processors using more recycled materials instead of mining for raw ore to produce more. This also equates to less money and energy being used to produce new aluminum. Mark Fields, the CEO of Ford stated, “Every single scrap of aluminum is reused. The more you can reuse or recycle, it makes it a more compelling business case.”

So with Ford taking the Lead, the auto industry is keeping in mind the resources and options that are out there to not only save money on your gas, but they are also conscience of the scrap metal recycling options out there that can continue to reuse more and more materials every day. Be sure to recycle your Aluminum Cans. They may just be in your next Ford F-150!

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