14-Year-Old Searched For Scrap & Found This…

Manchester, UK – A 14-Year-Old was being adventurous when searching for scrap metal at a wasteland near his home in England. He was sporting a metal detector to find some items that could help him earn some money at his local scrap yard.

Instead of finding some cans and other normal items, he came across something so frightening that his father and family won’t release their names to the public.

The boy called his father and told him he had found some bullets. His father thought he was referring to some old lead bullets he could trade in at the scrap yard.

When the father arrived to see his son’s findings, he was stunned when he saw a lot more bullets than anticipated and a few bags that were wrapped around items that had looked like hammers or bats wrapped up.14-year-old scrap metal find

When the father loaded the items into his car and brought them home, what he would find next would scare him beyond belief. There were 4 shotguns, a semi-automatic rifle, and around 15,000 rounds of ammunition.

The father immediately called the police and refrained from sharing his name in fear of retaliation of whoever put the weapons there. The police are still investigating the weapons to see if they have been involved in any past crimes and how they ended up in the garbage dump.

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