$12 Could Save Your Life: DIY First Aid Kit

scrap metal injuriesCuts and bruises are pretty typical in the scrap industry. Even if you are following the safety procedures and preventative ways to protect yourself, accidents happen. So the iScrap App Team is here to save the day, not you. So don’t rely on us for professional medical advice, just take what we have to say with some consideration so you can be prepared in case something does happen.

If you don’t already keep a first aid kit in your scrap-mobile, you should. Just like the basic tools all scrappers should have with them, you should invest some time (& small amount of money) to keep yourself prepared. You can outfit the basics at the local dollar store and for about $12 you can have a well stocked kit.

Dollar Store First Aid Kit

  • Band Aids, Gauze and Bandages, Various Sizes
  • Hand Sanitizer – for before you mow down that sandwich in between scrap runs
  • Hydrogen Peroxide – to sterilize your wound
  • Neosporin – quick topical antibiotic for wounds
  • Tweezers – to remove any metal splinters
  • Scissors – you may have to cut away some clothing to get to a wound
  • Bandana – Can act as tourniquet or hold bandage in place, or soak up sweat on hot days
  • Bottle of Water – to clean off a wound
  • Aspirin – quick pain relief or for headaches from the scrap prices
  • Benedryl – for allergic reactions to food or insect bites
  • Krazy Glue – quick sealant for deep
  • Plastic Container – store it in your car/truck for easy access

Man-surgery is not recommended, so see your health care professional for immediate care.

DIY Scrap metal first aid



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