11 Reasons Why There Are Fewer Men Than Women

In the scrap industry we seem to experience a lot of unique and interesting scenarios. While we always have safety in mind, sometimes the things people do are so amusing that you question the human race completely. Below is no different.

Some of the following examples are perfect reasons why we have fewer men than women roaming the earth. After all, when you see these kind of safety mistakes, you wonder how anyone could really survive. Remember that these are situations you should never participate in or try at home. Safety is key, so if you take anything away from the stupidity below, please make note of what NOT to do. Enjoy!

1) Almost There…

2) Hold on we may hit some bumps along the way!
unnamed (6)


3) Hold still Joe, I’m almost finish with the cut!

unnamed (5)


4) This is going to look great when I’m finished, just haven’t figured out how to get down.

unnamed (4)


5) I think I can. I think I can.unnamed (3)



6) You’re doing it wrong…unnamed


7) I’ll grab a towel to dry your feet afterwards.

unnamed (1)

8) Honk if there’s a breeze!

unnamed (8)

9) Where did I put my lighter?

unnamed (2)

10) Hold still I’m almost finished!

unnamed (9)

11) Honey, our new cable channels will be great!

unnamed (10)

Please don’t try any of these things at home and please use all of the proper safety equipment while working.

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