10/24/17 Scrap Price Report: Copper Prices Stay Strong

Good Day to You iScrappers!

Hopefully, scrapping has been going well and you have been continuing to be busy and gaining more customers and different types of materials to scrap.

We have been talking to more and more people that have been scrapping lately and they have been doing a great job telling us stories about prices, materials, and all other things that they have been working on.

With the copper markets popping up through 2017 we really have been in a good place to see the markets improving, and from looking at the reported prices that we have seen being posted daily, people have been making a lot more money on scrap lately….so let’s get into it.

Non-Ferrous Market Update

With copper jumping down the last few weeks we have seen a really nice climb as of late. We saw the prices between last Wednesday and today jump about 15 cents per pound and that has been a welcome sight for the markets and for your pockets! With the copper prices jumping we saw the entire market really climb over the last week and it seems to still be stable overall.

Aluminum prices have continued to be steady and we have seen the markets doing very well lately for the cleaner grades of aluminum like siding and even cleaned Aluminum Cans. With the markets increasing and stabilizing we have seen all of these prices really jumping and that has been a VERY welcome sign.

Reported Non-Ferrous Prices (10/18-10/24)

  • Phoenix, AZ: Bare Bright, $1.69 per lb.
  • Rockaway, NJ: Bare Bright, $2.75 per lb.
  • Thousand Palms, CA: #2/3 Mix- $1.55 per lb.
  • Traverse City, MI: Brass, $1.75 per lb.
  • Gaylord, MI: Aluminum Cans, $0.25 per lb.
  • Gaylord, MI: Stainless Steel, $0.40 per lb.
  • Kincheloe, MI: Brass, $1.20 per lb.
  • Freehold, NJ: #1 Tubing, $2.50 per lb.
  • Newburgh, NY: #1 Tubing, $1.80 per lb.
  • Anchorage, AK: Bare Bright, $2.10 per lb.

Ferrous Market Update

There has been little to no change in the overall steel markets with the prices staying relatively flat. We have not seen much movement overseas with the export markets being relatively quiet over that time. With so many people asking when prices will go up, we keep referencing that the overall market is in a really good position and there is no reason to hold onto material.

Reported Ferrous Prices (10/18-10/24)

  • Thousand Palms, CA: HMS #1, $120 per ton
  • Rockaway, NJ: Light Iron, $110 per ton
  • Lexington, SC: Light Iron, $0.02 per lb.
  • Murray, KY: Light Iron, $120 per ton
  • Newburgh, NY: Shreddable Steel, $60 per ton

Other Markets – Gold Prices

Gold has been in a very strong position, and while it is still down over the last month or so from the 2017 highs, we are very happy to see the position that it has been in overall.

Let us know what you want us to talk about, go over, and we will be able to help you all of the time, until next time, scrap ya later!


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