10/11/17 Scrap Price Report: Where Are Prices This Week?

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With the scrap prices going all over the place we are happy to report that the overall market has been much higher on the non-ferrous side of things then it had all of September. With copper prices jumping up we have seen a massive amount of prices being reported and WOWOW is that helping so so so many people. 

Last week we talked about the importing/exporting market and how it is affecting the scrap markets and it seems that things may be loosening up a bit and there is a little more leniency coming to the markets.

With the prices of steel jumping about $4 per ton the last week, while it is not much…it is better then the decline.

Non-Ferrous Market News

The markets have been climbing this week with markets up about 8-10 cents overall. That is an excellent sign and we are happy to see these things happening.

Non-Ferrous Reported Prices (10/4-10/10):

  • Rockaway, NJ: Bare Bright, $2.61 per lb
  • Mobile, AL: Bare Bright, $1.97 per lb.
  • Cleveland, OH: Aluminum Cans, $0.29 per lb.
  • Little Rock, AR: Aluminum Sheet, $0.34 per lb.
  • Rockaway, NJ: aluminum siding, $0.52 per lb.
  • Madison, WI: Bare Bright, $2.05 per lb.
  • Nashville, TN:  316 Stainless Steel, $0.35 per lb.
  • New Haven, CT: #1 Tubing, $2.20 per lb.
  • San Antonio, TX: Bare Bright, $2.37 per lb.

Ferrous Market News

Overall steel prices are slightly up, and we saw a $4 per ton increase in the reported prices that we have seen over the last week and that is very enlightening. Hopefully the market continues to grow…but for now do not expect to see large increases at the scale.

Ferrous Reported Prices (10/4-10/10):

  • Rockaway, NJ: Light Iron, $115 per ton
  • Nashville, TN: Shreddable Steel, $105 per ton
  • NYC, NY: Light Iron, $50 per ton
  • Syracuse, NY: Light Iron, $127 per ton
  • Dallas, TX: #2 Unprepared, $100 per ton

Other Scrap Markets

With most markets at a bit of stand still nothing too too crazy has been happening. Hoping next week to have more information to come your way.

Any other market news you want to talk about? Let us know!

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