$100,000 Cash Found Inside Scrap TV

While most scrap yard don’t accept TV’s and we don’t usually talk about them with the exception of copper yolks, but this is a story we couldn’t resist. Recently one worked in a Canada Recycling Plant was going through various items that were brought to be disposed of properly and had a very thrilling find.

Finding Cash Inside The TV Console

The Canadian worker was opening up the back of the TV and came across a cash box. After opening the inside of the box a few stacks of $50 bills was found along with some papers. The worker brought them to the manager who contacted authorities.

Who’s Money Is It Anyway?

After contacting authorities, they were able to track the money and papers over to a 68-year-old man. He stated that he had given the TV to a friend a few years back and forgot there was money inside. The purpose of the money was to put it aside for loved ones. Now reunited with his TV and cash, the owner has every dollar back. Lesson learned, always check what you’re pulling from someone’s house or building.

What are some fun things you have found while scrapping?

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Resource: CNN.com