10 Scrap Metal Graveyards Across The Globe

Where there is junk, there is man’s treasure. These unique graveyards below give you a look into how much scrap is really out there just “laying” around. Check out some of these unique graveyards across the globe.

1. Aircraft Boneyard, USA

aircraft boneyard

The Boneyard is located near Davis Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Arizona. It is formally called the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group (AMARG). It’s difficult to see the size of it and the precision of the parked aircrafts is amazing. The AMARG is a controlled-access site and non-employees are not allowed on the grounds without proper clearance.

2. Ship Graveyard, Mauritania

Ship Graveyard

The second largest city in Mauritania, Nouadhibou is home to the country’s commercial center. It is famous for having on of the largest ship graveyards in the world with hundreds of ships on the beaches and in the water. One common explanation for the unique graveyard is the harbor officers were taking bribes and were allowing ships to be discards in the harbor. It is started back in the 1980’s when the fishing industry took off and the uneconomical ships were abandoned there.

3. Train Cemetery, Bolivia

train cemetery

One of the biggest tourist attractions in southwestern Bolivia is a train cemetery and is located 2 miles outside Uyuni. It was previously a distribution hub for trains carrying minerals to the Pacific Ocean. In the 1940’s when the mining industry collapsed the trains were left abandoned.

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4. Vozdvizhenka Aircraft Graveyard, Russia

russian airplane graveyard

Collected with at least 18 gutted Tupolev Tu-22M Backfires, the Vozdvizhenka air base is located in a barren place in Far East Russia. The 444th Regiment was disbanded in 2009 and some aircrafts were dismantled while others were moved. They are awaiting final metal cutting.

5. Anchor Graveyard, Portugal

anchor graveyard

On the beaches of Tavira Island in Portugal, the graveyard that sits there is called Cemitario das Ancoras. It was built to remember the abundance of the tuna fishing industry that once ruled the coastline.

6. Soviet Tank Graveyard, Afghanistan

soviet tank graveyard

The outskirts of Kabul in Afghanistan there’s a massive collection of tanks and other Soviet vehicles from the 1970’s and 1980’s. The Soviets left in a hurry and didn’t worry about leaving the abandoned vehicles. Afghanistan doesn’t have many recycling facilities so it doesn’t look like this scrap metal is going anywhere, anytime soon.

7. Submarine Graveyard, Russia

submarine graveyard

In a place near Nezametnaya Cove in Russia, there is a graveyard full of submarines that was started in 1970’s after completed missions. Locals say that the subs were used for target practice and after they had no need for them they were just forgotten to rust.

8. Moynaq Ship Graveyard, Uzbekistan

ship yard graveyard

Located in western Uzbekistan, this recession-hit city of Moynaq has a ship graveyard that started in the 1980’s. Once the fishing industry collapsed the ships were left to rust. Scrap metal companies have begun to dismantled them since the tourist season gave up on the area.

9. Taxi Graveyard, China

taxi graveyard

In the center of Chonqing, China sits thousands of scrapped taxis. Because of the booming economy in China, there is less of a need for taxis because more consumers can purchase cars of their own. This has reduced the need for public transportation.

10. Phonebooth Graveyard, UK

phonebooth graveyard

With many sites like this throughout the UK, these old phonebooths are decommissioned and replaced by new modern booths throughout the country. There are hundreds of phonebooths laying around in these locations.

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