1/10/18 Scrap Price Report: Did Copper Hit 4-Year High?


We welcome you to our second week of 2018 and we hope that you have continued to stay warm and enjoy these prices that are really heating up. With oil prices up, copper prices up, and with the markets for steel seeming to be holding steady if not increasing we are really optimistic going further into 2018.

The overall sentiment seems to be that we are going to have a strong 2018 pricing year, and that would be really great going forward knowing that the markets are increasing, but more important, stabilizing.

Non-Ferrous Metal Market Report

Copper has continued to remain strong and almost hit a 4 year high. With the copper markets rallying and with the other non-ferrous metals remaining strong we are really hoping to see these markets continue to excel going into 2018.

With oil and gas prices on a real upswing this will directly affect the prices as well, so while prices may be higher you will see some negative effects while driving.

Reported Non-Ferrous Prices (1/3 – 1/9):

  • Houston, TX:  Car/Truck Batteries, $0.38/lb.
  • Rockaway, NJ:  #1 Bare Bright Copper Wire, $2.80/lb.
  • West Point, MI:  Aluminum Siding, $0.35/lb.
  • Cocoa, FL:  Communications Wire, $0.20/lb.
  • Rochester, NY:  Yellow Brass, $1.49/lb.
  • Alma, GA:  #1 copper tubing, $2.00/lb.
  • Louisville, KY:  Sheet Aluminum, $0.40/lb.
  • Waupaca, WI:  Aluminum Copper Radiators, $1.09/lb.
  • Fresno, CA:  Brass Hair Wire, $1.45/lb.
  • Spokane, WA:  #2/3 Mixed Copper, $1.25/lb.
  • Union Furnace, OH:  #2 copper tubing, $2.00/lb.
  • Holly Hill, FL:  Cast Aluminum, $0.08/lb.

Ferrous Scrap Metal Markets

Steel has continued to shine with prices rising about $20 per ton since Santa came to visit. We have seen the markets strengthening, and even with many larger yards holding onto large amounts of metal leftover from 2017, the prices have still increased.

Steel looks to be staying strong, and with the cold weather that we had, we will hope that this trend of positive prices keeps rolling over going forward.

Reported Ferrous Prices (1/3 – 1/9):

  • Brooklyn, NY:  Light Iron, $140.00/ton
  • Butte, MT:  Shreddable Steel, $50.00/ton
  • Waupaca, WI:  Sheet Iron, $120.00/ton
  • Fort Worth, TX:  Light Iron, $135.00/ton
  • Louisville, KY:  #2 Heavy Melting Steel, $110.00/ton
  • San Antonio, TX:  Shreddable Steel, $80.00/ton
  • Rochester, NY:  Unprepared HMS, $225.00/ton
  • Holland, TX:  Scrap Iron, $5.50/cw
  • Opelika, AL:  Shreddable Steel, $0.05/lb.
  • Baltimore, MD:  Plate & Structural Steel, $0.08/lb.

Overall we are happy to see the markets staying strong into the 2018 and we hope that this trend continues going forward.


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