[WATCH] Weekly Scrap Metal Report – 10/13/21

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Is Inflation Affecting Scrap Metal Prices? – 10/13/21

JUMP TO NON-FERROUS JUMP TO FERROUS JUMP TO NEWS 18 More Days… 🎃 Until trick-or-treating returns and hopefully, scrap prices continue to go up. October is traditionally a scary month, but it looks like we might be in for quite the opposite. Copper prices have risen so far in the first week and a half, […]


All New iScrap App 2.0 Available For Download

  The Time Has Come The iScrap 2.0 Is Here! With 200+ Scrap Metal Prices We know it’s been some time since our last major update (6 years, but who’s counting…), but the time has finally come. We heard you, scrappers, and we are extremely excited to show off the iScrap App 2.0 edition! This […]


Increase Scrap Profits With These Must-Have Tools

Based on surveys with scrappers, we’ve compiled the ultimate scrapper’s tool guide using our years of experience, trial and error, and scrapper suggestions. We’re not saying you should have every tool on this list, but these are probably the most common and the most widely used in the scrapper profession.  Dismantling and separating your scrap […]


10 Must-Have Tools for All Scrappers

The Results Are In… As you may know, we run weekly polls via our socials, newsletter, and Scrap Metal Recycling Talk Facebook group. We recently asked scrappers to share their most used tools, whether for scrapping or around-the-house fixes. Here are the results:  Magnets Magnets should be a scrapper’s number one tool in their arsenal. […]


The Best Wire Strippers for Scrap Copper Wire & Cable

If you’re a scrapper looking to make more money, one of the tools you may consider investing in is a wire stripper. But it depends on what you need and for what kind of wires. One of the most lucrative ways to make more money on scrap is by stripping wires and cables from various […]


Our Favorite DeWalt Tools for Scrap Metal Recycling

DeWalt Cordless Drill Combo Set

It’s no secret that we love DeWalt tools. They’re reliable, quality tools that, in our experience, last for years to come (but just in case, most come with a pretty great warranty). We even do monthly giveaways of them for all our Patrons. So we thought we’d create a list of our favorite DeWalt tools […]

Who To Talk To At The Scrap Yard

How many of you go to the same yard every time you go to sell your scrap? Do you see the same scale manager, same yard workers, maybe even the owner, every time you go? If you’re seeing the same people day in and day out, you won’t have any other experience to compare that […]

[WATCH] Weekly Scrap Report – 10/6/21

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Volatile Prices for Copper Scrap – 10/6/21

Dirty hands

JUMP TO NON-FERROUS JUMP TO FERROUS JUMP TO NEWS Let’s Talk Pancakes 🥞  What do pancakes and scrap have in common? You constantly flip-flop them and sometimes get burned. They come out looking pretty well most of the time, but you have to deal with standing there waiting. That’s kind of how we feel right […]

Why Are Aluminum Scrap Prices Rising?

Aluminum Price at 13-Year Highs  Aluminum has hit 13-year highs as we’re writing this in September 2021, and we wanted to explain a bit more why this is. If you’ve noticed the steady increase in aluminum’s pricing over the last few months/years, you’re not going crazy. This year alone, aluminum has gained 41%, reaching its […]

Scrap Metal Prices Steady Despite Ongoing Issues – 9/29/21

JUMP TO NON-FERROUS JUMP TO FERROUS JUMP TO NEWS Tick Tock ⏳ Every day it seems like we’re waiting for a metal update as we don’t know what’s going on with these markets, especially with so many problems inside the federal government. Many people keep asking what we think about the markets moving forward, and […]

[WATCH] Weekly Scrap Report – 9/29/21

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How To Handle Lead-Acid Battery Recycling

Lead-Acid Batteries Are Recyclable  And not only are they recyclable, but they have value! Car batteries range from about 30-50 pounds in weight, with many coming in at around 41 pounds. Do some quick math, and you’ll find that the scrap value of lead-acid batteries is around $10. Not a ton of money, but who’s […]

[WATCH] Weekly Scrap Report – 9/22/21

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Copper Prices Are Uncertain While Other Metals Thrive – 9/22/21

JUMP TO NON-FERROUS JUMP TO FERROUS JUMP TO NEWS We Have A Head-Scratcher 🥴 If I told you that within five days, copper prices moved between $0.60 and $0.70, do you think that you would be happy or upset? Well, that’s precisely what happened over the last few days, and somehow we almost ended the […]