Current Scrap Metal Prices
Scrap Metal Scrap Price Updated Price Date
Copper National Average $3.30/lb Updated 09/19/2021
Steel National Average $164.00/ton Updated 09/19/2021
Aluminum National Average $0.57/lb Updated 09/19/2021


Standard Iron & Metal Co.

1501 E Reno Ave
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73101

Phone: 405‑232‑4216

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Derichebourg Recycling USA

100 North Bath Ave
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73117

Phone: 405‑239‑7144

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CFF Recycling

152 N Bath Ave
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73117

Phone: (405) 239‑7144

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Derichebourg USA

2600 West Sheridan Ave
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73107

Phone: 405‑231‑2790

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All Metals Recycling

2646 W Sheridan Ave
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73107

Phone: 405‑272‑9300

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Recyclers of Oklahoma

2115 SW 19th
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73108

Phone: 405‑631‑2077

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Auto Haul Wrecker Service

3005 S Byers Ave
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73117

Phone: 405‑616‑5600


Absoloot Recycling

3308 NE 10th Street
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73117

Phone: 405‑427‑0159

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Metal Check Inc

5700 S. High
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73129

Phone: (405) 636‑1916

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The iScrap App is your one-stop resource for everything scrapping. Whether you are a full-time scrapper, plumber, electrician, contractor, or like to recycle metal for fun, we have the information and resources you need. With our daily updated National Scrap Metal Prices, you can get a sense of what the market is doing. Need to know if copper is going up or down? We can help! Wondering if you should hold onto your steel or sell it? We can help you. Check out the scrap prices on the iScrap App today or download for FREE for iOS and Android.


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