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Gershow Recycling VALLEY STREAM

97 East Hawthorne Ave , Valley Stream New York 11580

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Metal Prices

Current Prices as of August 19th, 2014

Photo of #1 Bare Bright Copper Wire #1 Bare Bright Copper Wire $2.57 / lb
Photo of #1 Copper Tubing #1 Copper Tubing $2.51 / lb
Photo of #2 Copper Tubing #2 Copper Tubing $2.37 / lb
Photo of #3 Roofing Copper #3 Roofing Copper $2.27 / lb
Photo of #3 with Tar #3 with Tar $2.18 / lb
Photo of AL/ Copper Rads w/Iron AL/ Copper Rads w/Iron $1.23 / lb
Photo of Aluminum Cans Aluminum Cans $0.30 / lb
Photo of Aluminum Copper Radiators Aluminum Copper Radiators $1.36 / lb
Photo of Aluminum Engine Block Aluminum Engine Block $0.18 / lb
Photo of Aluminum Radiators Aluminum Radiators $0.54 / lb
Photo of Aluminum Rims Aluminum Rims $13.00 / each
Photo of Aluminum Scrap Aluminum Scrap $0.50 / lb
Photo of Aluminum Siding Aluminum Siding $0.65 / lb
Photo of Aluminum Turnings Aluminum Turnings $0.25 / lb
Photo of Brass Brass $1.70 / lb
Photo of Brass Radiators Brass Radiators $1.75 / lb
Photo of Brass Shells Brass Shells CALL US
Photo of Car/Truck Batteries Car/Truck Batteries $0.30 / lb
Photo of Cast Aluminum Cast Aluminum $0.55 / lb
Photo of Christmas Lights Christmas Lights $0.30 / lb
Photo of Copper Scrap Copper Scrap $2.37 / lb
Photo of Dirty AL Radiators Dirty AL Radiators $0.30 / lb
Photo of Dirty Brass Radiators Dirty Brass Radiators $1.25 / lb
Photo of Electric Motors (Copper) Electric Motors (Copper) $0.22 / lb
Photo of Insulated Aluminum Wire Insulated Aluminum Wire $0.25 / lb
Photo of Insulated Copper Wire Insulated Copper Wire $0.83 / lb
Photo of Insulated Steel BX Insulated Steel BX $0.30 / lb
Photo of Lead Lead $0.45 / lb
Photo of Lead Batteries Lead Batteries $11.00 / each
Photo of Lead Coated Copper Lead Coated Copper $2.15 / lb
Photo of Lead Shot Lead Shot $0.30 / lb
Photo of Lead Wheel Weights Lead Wheel Weights $0.20 / lb
Photo of Light Copper Light Copper $2.27 / lb

Management reserves the right to change or modify all prices, the prices that you see are our buying prices.

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