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Leroy Iron & Metal, a Behr Iron & Metal Co.

2275 Dale Avenue , Le Roy Minnesota 55951

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Leroy Iron and Metal is part of the Behr Iron & Metal Companies. Behr Iron & Metal is a full service, non-ferrous buyer, from retail to large industrial customers. Our facilities specialize in all the major metal groups, as well as many hard to market materials. With our furnaces, driers & and liquid retention capabilities, we are ready to handle any processing need in an environmentally sound fashion. These are just some of the many products we buy:

Copper—All Grades, All Forms & Alloys
• Bare, #1, #2, #3 (Sheet), Turnings
• Insulated And Lead Or Tin Coated Or Plated
• Copper Bearing Materials—Motors, Transformers,
Windings & Copper Content
Brass—All Grades, All Forms & Alloys
• Hard, Red, 70/30, Rod, Yellow
• Turnings, Solids, Drosses, Slags, Spills & Grindings
• Brass Breakage And Brass Bearing Materials

Tool Steels, Tungsten Carbide, High-Speed Cutting Tools & Nickel Alloys
• M, T & H Series Tool Steels
• Tungsten Carbide Solids, Inserts , Bits & Grindings
• Alloys Of Nickel/Chrome/Moly – Plate, Solids, Turnings & Grindings
• Stainless Steels—200, 300 & 400 Series—Plate, Solids,
Turnings & Grindings, Swarfs

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2275 Dale Avenue
Le Roy Minnesota 55951
United States (US)

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