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Ray’s Trash Service

3859 E Us Highway 40 , Belleville Indiana 46118

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As demand for ferrous and non-ferrous metals increases around the world, companies are becoming more and more careful about recycling these valuable materials. Ray’s Trash Service has the technology to process and recycle nearly every type of metal and pays you highly competitive rates for your recyclables.

We offer several collection options to meet your needs. You can bring metals to Ray's Recycle Plant or Farnsworth Metal Recycling locations or we can collect them at yours. We also have a scrap metal hotline, that we update daily. Please call (317) 539-2024 and ask to be connected to the scrap hotline. If you produce metal waste on a consistent basis, we will serve your facility with specialized containers and a regular pickup schedule.

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(317) 539-2024
3859 E Us Highway 40
Belleville Indiana 46118
United States (US)

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