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Queens Scrap Yards – Junk Yards in Queens

MET Metals

126-17 38th ave.
Corona, New York 11368

Phone: 718-899-4400

SCRAP KING- Flushing

3532 College Point Blvd
Flushing, New York 11354

Phone: (718) 888-9087

Gershow Recycling BROOKLYN

1888 Pitkin Ave
Brooklyn, New York 11212

Phone: 718-345-2240


340 Maspeth Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11211

Phone: 718.366.4017

Sims Metal Mgmt-Queens

30-27 Greenpoint Avenue
Long Island City, New York 11101

Phone: 201-577-3214

Navish Bronx Recycling

1331 Viele Ave
Bronx, New York 10474

Phone: 718-991-4477

S & A Scrap Iron & Metal

5709 Preston Ct
Brooklyn, New York 11234

Phone: 718-251-5800


432 Bryant Ave
BRONX, New York 10474

Phone: 718-842-7122

Gershow Recycling VALLEY STREAM

97 East Hawthorne Ave
Valley Stream, New York 11580

Phone: 516-825-7244

Gershow Recycling NEW HYDE PARK

24 Denton Ave
New Hyde Park, New York 11040

Phone: 516-746-1081

Queens Scrap Yards – Junk Yards in Queens

Queens Scrap Yards

Queens Scrap Yards

Make more money on your scrap metal at the local scrap metal yards. The Queens Scrap Yards can help you with all your scrap metal needs, and give the most current scrap metal prices. The metal prices can often change according to the market so be sure to get in touch with the yards in the area before bringing in your scrap. The prices that are listed on the iScrap App profiles may be updated recently, however it is best to check with the scrap yard by calling them before bringing in your material. Find these locations and scrap yards in Queens within minutes. Also remember that although a junk yard may be closer, you may want to think about checking out the prices at other ones. For a few extra miles you can be getting a few extra cents at the scale. The salvage yards in Queens can also be located for the drop off scrap metal from homeowners and smaller loads for businesses.

You can contact the junk yards in Queens for help with your scrap, like scrap metal picks ups at work locations like construction, demolition, contracting, rip-outs, and more. Working with the scrap yards in the area to pick up your metal containers and loads can be easy with the iScrap App. Directly connect with a container request with the yards in the area on our directory and send them the request for your materials. For larger quantities of material contact the Queens junk yards through the iScrap App and request a scrap metal pick up and container service. For metals like iron and steel it pays off to work with the yards to get your job done correctly and fast.

If you have a wrecked car, you can request to the Queens auto recyclers a pick up of your vehicle to scrap it. Be sure to check with the local yards to see if they need special paperwork from you to tow and scrap your car for the metal. You may be required to provide ID and the title to the vehicle. You can also find salvage parts for a car from the auto recyclers in Queens through the iScrap App. Finding the salvage parts from the local yards can save you some money and time with your car repair. Be sure to call the yard ahead of time to request the right part or request a part directly through the iScrap App. The Queens recycling centers and auto wreckers can help you go green while making green on your scrap metals.

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